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US B2B eCommerce represents over $559 billion annually, more than doubled B2C annual sales[1]. On this complex and highly competitive market, B2B companies must offer a seamless, integrated and consistent experience across all sales channels that outperforms the competition and is constantly evolving with customer needs. The resources required to build and operate such B2B Commerce platform are getting increasingly expensive and scarce.

By contracting Alpha212 B2B Commerce solutions, companies can:
  • Offer omni-channel customer experience that will constantly evolve
  • Significantly reduce ongoing eCommerce development and maintenance costs
  • Increase time-to-market, customer retention and loyalty
  • Free up in-house resources to focus on core business
much more for less
The following study compared in-house costs to implement and operate an eCommerce platform platform versus Alpha212 B2B Commerce solutions. The study used aggressive assumptions in order to demonstrate that even with a small in-house team, you will save more than 60% by switching to Alpha212.
Alpha212 Cost (Ultimate Package)
In-House Cost
expand your business across all channels
In late 2013, Forrester Research, a leading market research company, conducted a study[2] that showed:
Selling online and on mobile devices represents a significant new opportunity for B2B companies.
B2B companies that wait too long to implement eCommerce assume a big risk.
Self-service tools are changing the way in which B2B customers interact with companies.
69% of B2B companies currently selling direct to business partners online expect to stop publishing their print catalogs altogether within the next 5 years.
The research is quite clear on this one: B2B companies identified omni-channel customers as their best overall customers.
Online-only customers are more likely to add additional items, order products in bulk and make repeat purchases than offline-only customers.
Alpha212 offers a smart way for B2B companies to start (or expand) their eCommerce presence without the heavy cost of building (or increasing the size of) in-house development and operations teams.

Focus on your core business and on growing your revenue across all channels, rather than investing time, money, and resources into building and maintaining an eCommerce platform. As your strategic partner, Alpha212 will constantly update and improve your B2B Commerce platform as your business grows and your needs change.
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[1] Key Trends In BtoB eCommerce For 2013, Forrester Research, Inc., October 18, 2012.
[2] "Online And Mobile Are Transforming B2B Commerce", October 2013. In this study, Forrester surveyed 717 B2B companies across three major geographies (North America, Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA), and the Asia Pacific region), or an average about 240 respondents per geography. Nearly 50% of all respondents, or 353 companies across all three major geographies, indicated they are “currently selling direct to business partners online (B2B).” Each of the three major geographies (North America, Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA) and the Asia Pacific region), produced a minimum of 100 respondents that are “currently selling direct to business partners online (B2B).” All respondents represented companies that produce a minimum of $250 million in total sales annually, and who were personally responsible for or deeply involved with selling the company’s products or services online. In addition, Forrester conducted 7 in-depth interviews with a variety of B2B eCommerce professionals responsible for maintaining their respective online selling organizations. Questions to the B2B survey participants focused on eCommerce and multichannel buying behavior, incorporating tools and technologies into the buying experience, and identifying details about the international organizational structure required to deliver world-class B2B eCommerce. The study began in May 2013 and was completed in July 2013.

Offering True Omni-Channel Experience
Our Solutions .
desktop . mobile . store . social . omni-channel
Our exclusive B2B Commerce platform have many features only found at Top Internet retailers, and you pay a fraction of the cost. Your customers will benefit from an experience that is easy and tailored to their B2B purchasing needs:
  • Quote to order
  • Add to cart using part number or product name
  • Customer specific pricing and product catalog
  • Enter customer specific data in every order (i.e. cost center, department code, etc.)
  • Your customer logo on every page
  • Delivery date and notes
  • Fully integrated Point Of Sale (POS)
  • Punchout technology connecting to B2B networks (Ariba, SAP, sciQuest, Coupa, and others)

Every package includes monthly customer insights report, bi-monthly upgrades, full site maintenance, technical support, Content Delivery Network for fast content delivery anywhere and anytime, full site backup and security.



Custom Web Design (Mobile Site Included)
Personalized Site Analytics (Monthly Report)
Unlimited Products (Simple, Virtual, Config, Bundle)
Advanced Solr Search  
Account Specific Pricing  
Account Specific Catalog
Add Direct To Cart (By Product Number or Name)
One Step Checkout  
Back Office Integration (Via API)
Online Chat Enabled (1-2 Agents)
World-Class Hosting (Dedicated Server+SSL 2048)
Email Accounts (Unlimited)
Content Delivery Network (Unlimited Site Traffic)
Full Site Maintenance (Fixes, Backup And Security)
Site Enhancements (Every Two Months)
Click here for full list.  
About Us .
meet the team

Alpha212 is a boutique B2B Commerce company. Our mission is to deliver best-in-class omni-channel B2B Commerce solutions to small and mid-size companies worldwide. We use leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud solutions and proprietary technology to create, operate and market your B2B business. Experienced professional from top Internet Retailer company will help you every step of the way, from inception to launch and ongoing maintenance. Every two months, your site gets new features, ensuring your customers get the best experience. Our product development focus on maximizing five key performance indicators for profitable growth:

  • Customer acquisition and retention
  • Sales conversion rate
  • Average order value
  • Profit margin
  • Customer satisfaction rate


  • Andre

    Andre Rego

    CEO & Founder

    Founding member. Andre has over 13 years of leadership experience in B2B Commerce with a unique blend of strategy development, product management and leading-edge technology skills. Andre previously held senior positions at Grainger Inc. (#15 on Internet Retailer Top 500), Premier Farnell Plc, Baxter International Inc. and Ariba Inc. Andre holds an MBA from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, a BS in Electronic Engineering from UFRJ (Brazil), and he is a Stanford University CPM.

  • Cristine

    Cristine Furbino

    Chief Designer & Founder

    Founding member. Cristine is a talented entrepreneur with a combination of a creative mind that is practical and business-oriented. Cristine has successfuly developed and managed brick-and-mortar retail and online businesses from inception to growth. Cristine holds a degree with honors in Hotel Management.

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